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Tusla, OK, Bankruptcy and Tax Law Specialists

bankruptcy attorneysSince 1980, Paul R. Tom, Attorney At Law has provided Tulsa, OK, with caring, professional bankruptcy and tax law services. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your financial situation, you need to talk to an experienced tax and bankruptcy attorney. We understand that financial trouble can happen to anyone. You’ll find that our office is a judgement-free zone, where Paul R. Tom and his expert staff will help you decide if bankruptcy is for you, and guide you through the process with compassion and integrity. We can also help with your tax problems – we know your rights, and will assert them in all dealings with the IRS.

Our Areas of Practice Include:

  • Tax Law:
    • Tax Situation Analysis
    • Tax Problem Resolution

Why Choose Paul R. Tom, Attorney At Law?bankruptcy firm

  • More than 30 Years' Experience in Bankruptcy and Tax Law
  • Successful Representation of Thousands of Clients
  • Respectful, Non-Judgmental Legal Service
  • Friendly, Experienced Staff

If you are struggling to pay bills, fending off creditors, or are having your wages garnished, we can help! Don’t wait – call us today at (918) 884-6912 to set up an appointment!

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